Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund

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The power of ideas

A single good idea can contribute to investment success. But one investment idea alone cannot create a balanced risk-reward profile. This is why the Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund seeks to achieve diversification through an optimal blend of investment ideas from any asset class, anywhere in the world.

Fund concept:
Harnessing the power of ideas

Our objective is to achieve positive returns in all market environments, through investing in a risk-managed blend of promising investment ideas.

Fund concept

Twin targets:
Risk and return

Attractive returns with lower risk – the fund targets a gross return of 5%1 per annum above cash with less than half the volatility of global equities, over rolling three-year periods.

Twin targets

Investment process: How the fund works

The Invesco Perpetual Multi Asset team2 seeks to generate investment ideas, identify the optimal way to gain exposure to them, and combine them successfully into a risk-managed portfolio. The overall aim is to effectively harness the power of diversification and robust risk management, which the investment team believes should result in smoother returns.3

Investment process

Proven capability:
The team behind the fund

The fund is managed by the Invesco Perpetual Multi Asset team in Henley, UK. The team follows a disciplined investment approach, ensuring that every idea earns its place in the portfolio.

Proven capability

GTRtargets – Combine powerful ideas and meet the challenge.

GTRtargets – Combine powerful ideas and meet the challenge.

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1 There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve the gross performance target or the volatility target.

2 The fund is managed by the firm’s investment centre in Henley (UK), Invesco Perpetual. Invesco Perpetual is a business name of Invesco Asset Management Limited (IAML) and forms part of Invesco UK Limited, which itself forms part of Invesco.

3 There is no guarantee that this target will be achieved.